Nike Sparq Vapor Strobe Glasses

Whether you’re a sports fan, a movie buff or a gamer, the Nike Sparq Vapor Strobe Glasses are a must-have accessory. This is because they enhance your peripheral vision, improve your reaction time and boost your visual short-term memory retention.
Disorienting effect

Using the latest technology, Nike has created a new training device called the Sparq Vapor Strobe. These glasses can be used to train the athlete in the finer points of eye-hand coordination, visual short-term memory, peripheral awareness, imagery, and reaction time.

The glasses, which retail for $300, are designed to improve the athlete’s ability to read and react to visual information. In the Nike SPARQ system, a computerized evaluation device known as the Sensory Station evaluates the athlete’s performance in six areas. The system is in beta with a number of professional sports programs. The results are then used to design a customized training program.

In addition to the aforementioned gimmick, the Nike Sparq Vapor Strobe is actually a useful device that can be used by amateur and professional athletes alike. The company claims that a combination of the eyewear and the accompanying training program will result in improved athletic performance.
Improves reaction time

Using a strobe training system, athletes can improve reaction time and other visual skills. The Nike Sparq Vapor Strobe is an innovative new type of sport eyewear.

The glasses use liquid crystal technology to produce a stroboscopic effect. This stroboscopic effect makes moving objects appear in slow motion. It can be controlled with the controls on the side of the glasses. here are a couple of suggestions to get you started help test peripheral vision and hand-eye coordination.

The system is in beta with professional sports programs, and it’s expected to roll out worldwide soon. It’s based on research at Duke University, and it’s designed to fine-tune sensory and cognitive skills in athletes.

The SPARQ Sensory Performance System is a computer-based evaluation system that evaluates an athlete’s 10 visual skills. It then creates a personalized training program for that individual.
Strengthens connection between eyes, brain and body

Developed by Nike, SPARQ Vapor Strobe Glasses are designed to enhance an athlete’s sensory and motor skills. The stroboscopic effect produced by the glasses makes moving objects appear in slow motion. This makes it easier for athletes to pick up subtle motion cues and improves their visual and hand-eye coordination.

These glasses can also be used to enhance peripheral vision, focus, and balance. They work by temporarily disrupting visual signals to the brain. They are worn during training and force the brain to work harder. They are often used during go/no-go drills and hockey-specific training drills.

A study at Duke University revealed that wearing strobe training glasses improved visual short-term memory. During the study, participants were asked to memorize one letter after a number of seconds.

The study was conducted with sixty-two male subjects. The subjects were divided into two groups. In one group, the subjects were assigned transparent lenses while in the other group, the subjects were given glasses that alternately darkened and brightened the lenses.
Increases visual short-term memory retention

Designed by Nike Research Labs, the SPARQ Sensory Performance System is designed to improve athletes’ visual and sensory skills. The system includes Nike’s vapor strobe glasses and a computerized training station. Using the vapor strobe, an athlete’s performance is assessed, and a personalized training program is developed. It is currently being beta-tested with professional sports programs.

The system evaluates an athlete’s 10 most important visual skills. These include peripheral awareness, accuracy, reaction time, and visual short-term memory. a new piece of content from the writers at Strobe Sport is used with the Nike Sensor Station, an interactive touch screen device. The computer-generated tests measure each athlete’s performance in these areas. The vapor strobe’s intensity can be tailored to meet the athlete’s needs.

During a training session, participants wear a pair of strobe eyewear and participate in physical activities. During this session, they undergo eight levels of difficulty. During each of these phases, they were asked to recall a certain letter or group of letters. After the session, the study participants were tested for memory retention. Those who wore the strobe eyewear performed better than the control group.
Increases peripheral vision

Among the latest additions to Nike’s sports training eyewear line, the SPARQ Vapor Strobe glasses are designed to improve peripheral vision, reaction time and visual short-term memory. They feature liquid crystal displays that produce a strobe effect. These glasses are used for both sports training and workplace activities. They also have an adjustable elastic strap for safety when exercising vigorously.

The Nike SPARQ system is currently in beta testing with a handful of professional sports programs. The program is based on research done at Duke University. It evaluates athletes for 10 different visual performance skills, and then creates a custom training program for each athlete.

The study was conducted with varsity-level athletes. Participants completed computer-based visual memory tests and engaged in physical activity. They were then divided into two groups. One group was given specialized eyewear that blocked the wearer’s vision, while the other group used clear lenses.

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